Isabella I, Queen of Spain (1451-1504)


Isabella I, Queen of Spain, was one of the most influential powers in Spain’s history. Isabella was dedicated first and foremost to her Catholic faith that is evident in her all of her accomplishments.

Isabella grew up in the corrupt Castilian court under her half-brother, King Henry IV. Isabella was very popular and had many supporters who were willing to overthrow her brother and place her on the thrown when she was still very young. Isabella however, refused to instigate a civil war that would have destroyed the country. However, Isabella agreed to a secret marriage to Ferdinand of Aragon that united Spain for the first time.

Isabella and Ferdinand succeeded Henry’s death and ruled Spain together. Under Isabella and Ferdinand, the controversial Spanish Inquistion was initiated and they successfully completed the Reconquista.

Isabella is most recognized for supporting Christopher Colombus and his exploration of the New World. Her attention to expansion allowed Spain to become a world power.

Isabella’s loyalty to her country and dedication to its development allowed Spain to flourish under her reign. It takes a very forward and open-minded person to be able to accomplish all that.



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