Christina, Queen of Sweden (1626-1689)


Christina Wasa, Queen of Sweden, was one of the most intelligent women of her time. Christina was the daughter of King Gustav II Adolf, who died when she was six. She was the only heir to the throne and named queen-elect at Gustav’s death. From that time on, Christina was educated as a price. She was very well read and competent in all political matters.

Her opinion was valued in council meetings as early as the age of 14. Christina was a very efficient politician, and was able to suppress civil war and class difficulties after the Thirty Years War.

Christina brought culture and many of the arts to Sweden. Her reign produced the first Swedish newspaper, as well as educational and social reforms.

However, smart and witty Christina was, she abdicated her throne after a rule of 10 years. Christina was a savvy and sharp politician during her reign of Sweden, and contributed a flourishing culture of arts and literature to Sweden as Queen.


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